No alerts for calender events are being created

What I did: Created invents and set alerts, chose my google calender from the dropdown.

What happened: No alerts are being added.

What I expected: To get alerts

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Mac Os 10.13.3

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Are you saying the alerts are not being added or are not working, despite selecting one from the popup?

I went and checked in my google calendar. Alerts are not getting added.

Could you add some screenshots to show what you see in both Agenda and Google? That would help to reproduce it here.

ok, Looks like my alerts were not getting saved. Have a created a event for tomorrow. Will keep an eye for the alert and will write back to you. If there are issues.

Now I can see alerts on both Agenda and my calender.

Thanks for support

Ok, thanks for the follow up!

I have a similar issue. I can create calendar appointments, but the alert time saved in Agenda doesn’t turn into an alarm/reminder in Outlook. The calendar I’m saving the appointments in is an exchange account.

The odd part is that everything else seems to work correctly with calendar events. For example, I can create an event in Agenda which appears in Outlook. I can modify the event in either calendar and have the changes sync’d to both. I can delete a calendar event in Outlook and have it go away in Agenda. BUT, no reminders in Outlook (even though they show in Agenda) mean I miss appointments and tasks created in Agenda since they don’t pop up at the correct time.

I can add the reminder time manually in Outlook and it will update in Agenda. But Agenda doesn’t seem to be able to pass the reminder/alert time to Outlook.

Outlook reminders rule my life. Agenda can help tame my workflow, but only if the pop-ups trigger in Outlook.


Thank you.

A quick update, the IOS version (iPad in this case) DOES correctly set reminders/alert timers in Outlook. Only the Mac version seems to have this issue.

Hmm, that’s strange, I’ll have a look if I can find an explanation in the difference between the two, or whether the conclusion must be that it’s a difference between how macOS and iOS talk to exchange. Did you set the accounts up on both devices in the same way in the System Preferences/Settings app?

I have this account setup as the only calendar on both my Mac and iPad/iPhone. This was done in the standard Internet Accounts wizards on each machine. I don’t see any settings other than on/off on the Mac.

Thanks for looking info this!

A similar issue where when I create a calendar event through Agenda on macOS (Agenda version: 2.2.1 and macOS version: 10.13.5 (17F77)) in a Google Calendar no alerts show up in the stock Calendar app on macOS.

Here is the Calendar event that got created

Thanks, we’ll investigate why those alarms aren’t set.