Next 10 days should start tomorrow

I have a habit of sorting and filtering my agenda by assigning notes to specific days or a range of days. I usually start with today’s overview and then quickly send less interesting or new notes to “next 10 days”.

But my expectation is that ‘next 10 days’ does not include ‘today’. And in fact Agenda tags the note “within 10 days including today”.
I would really like to exclude “today” from this feature.

You can just manually select the days in the calendar by shift-clicking the second date and creating the timespan. When you save this then as a smart overview you have the option to make it a relevant date, which means it will use tomorrow + x days if you like. The Next 10 days option is just a shortcut instead of selecting the date range manually but nothing prevents you from making a different selection.

Thx for your quick response. In fact doing it manually with each note takes a while. That is why I would love to have a real shortcut to clean my desk for today;-)