New user, I need a tutorial

I have purchased way too many note/task apps. I need this one to be easy to use

I’m new too. I’ve been using Agenda about two weeks. At first, I just started playing around with the app (I have the iOS version). Then I explored this Community. There are a lot of good answers to any of your questions already here. But a great place to start is the Tutorials post, and the other posts in the How To topic.

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Been there - done that!!

I’ve been using Agenda on iOS since June, & I’ve so far found it clear and easy to use. As @tiereza0221 says, there’s lots of helpful info in the Tutorials & answers to questions that have been already been asked, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for you can always ask on here - it’s a great community, and folks are always willing to help :blush: