New record from the template by default

Hello! I’m enriching my note taking technique and bring more and more template entries for my default entry.

Sometimes I, however, forget to click / tap and wait for the template entry to appear (or it just doesn’t work very well on iOS).

Is there a way to make one template a default one? Ideally - default for specific category, but if it would be default for everything - that’s not a big deal.

And, one more thing - I never use from a build-in browser - is there a way to open it from the app using system browser instead (to keep me logged in)? =)

This is indeed something we’d like to make possible in the future, thanks for the feedback.

Regarding the community, you can simply access it through your browser using the the address, or use the dots in the upper right corner of the community window to open the page you’re looking at in your browser.


Any ETA on the feature or not at the moment?

For the community - I know I can, it’s just not very convenient :slight_smile:

No ETA yet I’m afraid, will be part of a bigger update down the line that requires quite a bit of under-the-hood work.