New projects require extra steps to name

What I did:
Started a new project and tried to name it.

What happened:
The new project was created with the name of Untitled, the Untitled name was selected for me to be able to type a new name over it, and before I could type a new name over it, the Untitled name was kept as the name of the project. This required me to use the renaming feature of a project instead of just being able to give it an initial name. This happens every time on both Mac and iPad.

What I expected:
I expected to be able to create a new project and immediately give it a name.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

iPad Air five latest OS, app
MacBook Air 2020 latest OS, app

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Are you on the 18.0.1 version? I think this was a problem in 18.0 that we fixed.

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It’s OK, I see that this problem does indeed exist. I think we fixed a similar issue with notes in 18.0, but this is with projects.

We will fix this in the next minor update. Thanks for reporting this.

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Update: This issue should be fixed in Agenda 18.1