New Project / Category colors

It would be great if there was more control over the colors of the projects and categories. In the MacOS file system, I use the red, blue, green, yellow, purple primary color tags extensively, using specific colors for certain files on my PC. As I am constantly jumping between Agenda and my Mac file system, it would be great to have my project / category icon colors match those that are available tags in Mac OSbe the same.

For example, I have to do a lot of SOW work for different Partners(PwC, Deloitte, Accenture), for different clients (Bank ABC, Bank 123). I have multiple versions of an SOW for different clients that we are working on with any of them. I cannot keep them all in Agenda; I need to keep them in a folder on my Mac, so it can be backed up automatically to GDrive. It can get very confusing with the different versions with different Partners for different clients. If I could have the Project or Category be the same primary colors as those offered as tags in Mac OS, that would help me tremendously. I could quickly key in on the one(s) that I need.

Regarding colors of projects, you can give projects any color you like by choosing the custom color icon in this dialog:

Screenshot 2023-09-28 at 12.38.08