New Note from Reminder

It would be great to have New Note From Reminder. Similar to the way New Note From Event works. That way I can create reminders in the Reminders app and then come over to Agenda and create notes for them.

I’ve thought about this, and previously I’ve wanted to add notes to reminders in Agenda, to address this case which I commonly encounter:

On the fly, with no time to open Agenda, tell Siri on my Watch or iPhone to “Remind me tomorrow at 11 AM to do prep work for Watkins meeting”. And then, later in Agenda, connect to the reminder and take notes related to the Watkins meeting.

But then … I realized that that Siri “reminder” is actually an event. I can do the following, and then work with that event in Agenda as normal. So, at least in my case, the event route makes more sense.

A good think about this is that I can now in Agenda connect my “prep” event notes to the actual meeting scheduled for several days later. I.e., connect the notes to both events.

That’s indeed on the todo list for one of the next updates, it simply didn’t make the cut for the 6.0 release.