New Macbook and missing categories

What I did: I installes agenda on my new MacBook Pro.

What happened:
After opening agenda I recongnized, that only some of my cathegories were taken over to the new device, but a lot are not…

What I expected: Iwould like to have all my data on my new Mac

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Agenda 14 and the newest Mac with the latest update from today.

Greetings Annabelle

There’s two scenarios that can explain this. The first is that sync hasn’t completed yet, if you give it more time the categories will appear later. The second possibility is that due to a bug in earlier versions of the app, some categories weren’t properly synced to the cloud. Are you using iCloud or Dropbox to sync? In this case we would recommend to recreate the categories on your new Mac, and move the projects into them, then on your other devices delete the empty left-over categories after everything has synced up.