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It seems like there have been no significant updates to the app since January of 2021. Can you all discuss what plans you have for future updates and possible release dates? I enjoy this app but would like to see an option to have my notes show up as “tile” like I do in apple notes or Craft. I also would like to be able to change text colors etc…So just curious to know.


This is true, even the post detailing the items they are working on is old and half the items already complete and it wasn’t very ambitious to be being with. Progress on this app is very slow and there is still now commitment to getting E2EE encryption done. It’s odd. I suspect that Cash Cow licensing is working a little too well for them.

Sorry for the delay. We did have an update to iOS about 4 months ago, but it has been 8 months since our last macOS update.

This is longer than we like. We generally like to have around 3 feature updates per year.

This time we have been hit by some technical issues, and losing a designer. It has set us back a lot. But we have been working hard, and have also changed a lot to the app internally to make future features much easier to make. So we have used the time to lay a foundation.

The good news is that Agenda 14 is very close. It will probably go into beta in a couple of weeks. And after Agenda 14 goes public, Agenda 15 is not far behind. Most of the work on that has also been completed.

In short, it has been very quiet, but it is about to get noisy!

(Nothing to do with Cash Cow. The issues we have had were not financial.)


To add to Drew’s comments, the option to show notes as “tiles” is something we don’t have plans for at the moment, that’s simply a different model/dimension that we don’t feel fits Agenda per se. Text colors is something we do have in the works, Agenda14 contains the foundation for it so we hope to have that come in with an update shortly after.


I don’t think this kind of waterfall approach is congruent with Agenda’s business model, whereby premium features purchased within a 12-mo period are permanently unlocked. Such a model necessitates smaller and more frequent updates.

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As Drew says, that’s indeed what we’re aiming for (think we managed well up to Agenda13 as well, it’s been really Agenda14 that has formed the hiatus).


Yes, it should be clear from my posts that this was not the plan. It was a coming together of circumstances. We have taken steps to remedy things going forward, and now it is all systems go.


I’ve been wondering a little about this myself. My year of subscription ended shortly after Agenda 13 was released so given what has been discussed here, it seems like it was fortuitous.

I think given the business model I would have felt a little hard done by, if I had paid for another year of updates and received no new features.

I think Agenda need to be a little careful here in the future as there is a potential to leave people feeling like they didn’t get value from the investment.


To share my experience, my subscription start from Agenda 13, one of the reason is the team promise to have 1-2 new features per year. However, nothing was happened in 2021 after one fix of Agenda 13. I think it would be good to set a extension if necessary.

Personally I think the Agenda model is very good to users, especially compared to typical subscriptions. You get any free features that come after the 1-year period (for free), you get updates for new operating systems (for free), and most of all you get to keep any features you paid for. Overwhelmingly, unless an app is “free updates for life (or until the next major version)”, you lose access the moment you stop paying. Want to sync your Bear notes? It’s gonna cost ya. Want to edit your notes in Ulysses or Noteplan! Break out the credit card.

It’s always important to me to buy software for its capabilities today. There’s no guarantee that future features will even matter to me. So from my standpoint, any paid features – and only those that I actually care about – that come in the next year are a bonus for buying in.

It also incentivizes the Agenda team to build things that customers want, to entice them to buy initially or renew. Other apps revoke your access once you stop paying – whether it’s access to functionality, or even to data. I find that downright hostile compared to Agenda’s model.

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We did have two releases in 2021, but I fully agree it was slower than usual.

Agenda 13 was in March 2021, which means people who purchased then will not have gotten as much as they normally would. I can’t promise anything, but we are aware of this, and are thinking about ways we could help the situation when Agenda 14 comes out.


I believe your commitment in Agenda and do love the cash cow model you implement for Agenda users, but I didn’t renew my subscription after my first year to wait for a long telling story-Agenda 14. I think it quite good to have Agenda 13 for the price, I would rather have no expectation for the new feature than long waiting. Truly hope that Agenda 14 will be here as soon as possible.

And that’s part of the point of the model! We have the choice – we don’t have to keep spending money just because we want access to functionality we used to have, or our data.

The model aligns our interests. We want new functionality, they want new customers and renewals. To get what they want, they have to give us what we want!


Folks, it’s called value. You find something of value, you support it, invest in it.

If you don’t receive the value from your investment, you take time, pull back.

I love Agenda. I get a lot of value from it, and wish to support the developers who create it. I always have had that philosophy, which started in the 1990s when I created the largest repository for shareware, freeware, and paid apps for the nascent Windows platform. (CICA FTP, which later became WinSite) You support the developers, many who sit at their kitchen tables and provide awesome stuff!

During this crazy time, the guys said they had folks leave. These unforeseen resource issues slow development. Let’s thank them and support their work. Agenda is an awesome platform and only gets better when we ‘pull’ in the same direction! —mr


Totally agreed with you. I do believe to invest in an app or service is the best way showing how we support the developers. I love the cash cow model on Agenda but the humanity always struggle to take something from the money we paid.

Do believe that Agenda have a good path as we keep seeing the developers have been replying the enquiries and jump into most threads. :slight_smile:

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I think everyone is impatient for Agenda 14, including the developers :slight_smile: We are dotting the T’s now, and it shouldn’t be long until we start beta testing. We hope that when the public release does come, it will convince people that paying for another year is worth it, and we are going to keep in mind the people who purchased in 2021, and didn’t get much in the way of updates during the year.


I have to be honest, in terms of features, I have tried a range of apps and have tried to find an app that provided a clean, fast and useful organised notetaking system with reminders and calendar built in. I haven’t found an app that does what Agenda can or looks at good.

I believe the features already exceed other apps that charge far too much and new features would be considered ‘game changers’ and staying ahead of the competition. Others might have a different opinion, but it’s mindblowing how great the app is considering the large teams other companies have that seem to be behind in a lot of ways.

Any features for me are a ‘cherry on top’ of a brilliant application that I am more than happy to pay for. Exciting times for new updates and I can’t wait to see where things go.

Thanks, Alex and Drew.


I can say the same thing. I still excited for news features, like agenda 14 that will be a game changing. Also a better touch gestures to delete, complete and move. But this app make something so good with a fair price, specially the buy one time new features. Tks for the team.


I absolutely agree with your comment. I also liked the concept of Agenda: sort of one-time purchase to keep all the features at present time and coming year, option to pay to get more in the future. Indeed enough motivation for the developpers to keep making their product even better.
Personally I saw very minimal changes in the year of my subscription, decided to sit back and wait for the new release before renewing a subscription

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In all honesty, the second half of 2021 was slow for us. We realize that, and have a plan to compensate people purchasing in 2021. Stay tuned…