New entries on iPhone begin with the date, but not on iPad

When I create a new entry on my iPad, the entry begins with “untitled note”, and highlighted - just as I would expect. On my iPhone, a new entry begins with the date, and NOT highlighted (so I have to select and delete to add my title). Did I miss a setting somewhere, or is this a bug?

It sounds like on the iPhone you have the “Assign New Notes to Today” preference enabled in the Agenda preferences, and not on the iPad.

So settings don’t sync across devices? Haven’t tested, but assumed they would!

Ahh… you are correct, but that setting does not provide what I would expect. I would expect the UNTITLED note to be ASSIGNED to the day, not TITLED with the date.

No, settings are not synced as for some it makes sense to have different settings per device.

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The title is just a convenience, you can of course change it however you want (while leaving the day assigned). Many people keep this default title.

That is nice, but the title is not highlighted, awaiting a new title, as it is when a new note I “untitled”. So it requires selecting it backspacing to add a title other than the date - most irritating.

Maybe an option to have settings sync?

Good point, we’ll see if this can be improved.

Update: starting from the upcoming 11.2 update the title of new notes assigned to today should automatically be selected so it’s easy to override it with something else if you like.

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