New dates representation

Hi! Since the new release my notes dates are displayed as a range of date, f.ex.: 25-26.11 instead of usual 25.11; today’s note got a ‘ticking’ timer - till midnight.

Is there any way to revert an old behavior, please?

A few questions, is this on iOS or Mac or both?

Also, is this for all notes?

Did you change timezone by any chance?

Which OS version are you on? Did you change/update the OS recently?

Both iOS & Mac, no, I didn’t change the timezone from what I recall.
MacOS latest Monterey, iOS latest.
It’s for all notes, yes, it seems

Can you send a screenshot of what you see? Also, can you export such a note as an agenda file and send it to

Here comes the screenshot

Unfortunately I can’t export the note as a whole, as the notes’ text are private.

Can I cut out my text out somehow?

With best regards,
Alex Potemkin.

Not really, but you were saying it happens with all your notes no? Isn’t there a single one you can share?

Re-checked and it’s all of the notes from 20 July 2022; sorry, really can’t share none of them… :slightly_frowning_face:

Not sure we can do much in that case, we haven’t had anyone else report this issue yet. If you create a new note and then assign a date, does it also show it?