New “BaseCamp Personal” & Agenda

Oh man! Now that Basecamp is free (3 projects, 20 people, 1GB storage, campfire chat, messaging, todo lists, events, documents, activity log, check-ins) Agenda will become the place where I document my past and give it chronological and topical coherence; an overpowered cookie crumb trailing app of sorts.

Love it that I can comment on a project overall, on a todo list overall and on a single todo item and copy everything over to Agenda. Consider the “campfire chat” as a never ending digital “Morning Pages” à-la Julia Cameron, but instead of ranting about stuff that bugs you, you come up with ideas to make your projects advance.

And Agenda is there to back it all up, to give it sense in terms of time and topic (note-threaded project, subcategory and category).

Very exciting times we’re living in, at least technology-wise!


Hmmm… alternatively every single project in Agenda (read: “every note-thread”) could be a home for a makeshift Basecamp, thus reducing the amount of apps you juggle.

Pinned to the top:
a campfire note for discussing top-level decisions about the project; use markdown headings expressing the date for each new series of numbered bullets (one idea per bullet).

Pinned below the campfire note:
a reminders note, regardless if they’re drafts, commitments (due, doing, overdue) or cancellations; again, use markdown headings expressing the date for each new series of numbered bullets (one reminder per bullet); cross-out done and cancelled reminders; use different text style for comments on a particular reminder.

Pinned below the reminders note:
a note for scheduling events; same logic as with the reminders note.

Unpinned below the events note:
your regular chronological notes (number bullets, one bullet per idea, as many ideas as you want per day and as many notes as you want the Agenda project to handle in thread-like fashion).

Pinned as a footnote:
one note for photos; another for drawings; another for PDFs; each attachment accompanied by the URL pinpointing the note towards which the attachment is relevant.

As you can see, Agenda can easily replace most of Basecamp’s features, except for team collaboration, and messaging.

It all depends on how you plan to use both apps and if you’re not bothered by juggling apps.

To each her/his own.