New agenda user

let me start by saying "I hate you Guys” (the developers not the community) Wait hear me out! :innocent:(

I’m a budding "swift” coder and was planning to make an app that allowed me to link and cross link data, events, etc. from Apple’s cal, reminders, contacts, etc. You guys beat me to it, and made a far better app than I might have! :cold_sweat: So now what will I code??? :grinning:

Anyway, Let me say (for real now!) how impressed I am by Agenda! I’ve just started trying it and it already does most of what I need and much more appears to be “in the work. Most Excellent Job, folks! I’m stilll wandering around trying to figure out the environment and specifics, but, I love what I’ve seen so far!

So mark me down as. a huge fan!

And, this community forum is great and makes up for the limited offline help function.



Thanks Chuck! Very generous.

I think the world needs more GitHub issue trackers :wink:

Sorry we stole your vision, but that’s the good thing about visions. There are plenty more where that came from. :rofl:

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The timing would indicate that MY vision came well after YOUR implementation. I guess I was just too slow! But I promise my idea came before I ever saw or heard of your program (so no lawsuits, please!

Anyway, I grant you license :innocent:

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Just as an OBTW, I liked MY IDEAS well enough to pay to upgrade YOUR PROGRAM. LOVE IT, SO FAR!!!


Thanks for the support! Really appreciate it.