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I have searched her forums and not seen anything directly on this topic so I apologize if this is a repeat. Recently airmail announced their premium service which included agenda as a support app via their extensive sharing. However I have been unsuccessful in doing anything other then it opening the agenda app. I have contacted Airmail support and they have not even been able to tell me what should happen. Is it the X call back link for the mail or is it to populate the notes/text from the email? Basically I was told as a premium number for Airmail they would look into it so it’s Useless. Has anyone successfully used this integration which came out just a few weeks ago? Can anyone on the agenda support team comment as to what actions are supposed to occur from Airmail since they cannot tell me? Thanks

Short video screen capture demo

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I sent AirMail a question asking exactly what the Agenda feature was but haven’t received an answer. Anyone have any idea?

I can see the Agenda Action but it doesn’t appear to do anything except open Agenda :thinking:

*** UPDATE ***

I figured it out… You need to create a project called “Untitled “and then Airmail will put a message in that project :+1:t2:


Great to hear you got it to work, I wasn’t aware or this feature, they didn’t mention anything to us. Now that it works, can you show again what it does precisely?

I tried that again and still all that happened was the Agenda app opening. Would love to hear what it did.

Here’s a video guys. Hope it helps as it really isn’t clear from AirMail other than the pop up saying it will put your message into the “Untitled” project.

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Ah so it creates a note with the content of the email, does it also insert a link that would bring you back to the email in Airmail?

Yup. The link is at the bottom of the note.

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You have to create a project „Untitled“ first. In my opinion it‘s not really a „Premium“ feature because you can‘t even choose the project and mail-attachments are not supportet. Airmail is normally more powerful than that.

Without the Premium account you can just create a „Custom Action“ an choose „open url“ and put this in


I have a project called „Inbox“, but one can change the name of the project-title at the beginning of the x-callback-url. I think with Apple‘s workflow-app it must be possible to create a workflow where you can choose the project and maybe add attachments.


Thanks @jowarn that’s helpful.

Seems strange that Airmail would charge for a “premium” feature involving someone else’s app without coordination or perhaps testing?

Hmm… I use Airmail a lot and I have seen they have recently launched the Premium version, mentioning either Agenda, but speaking in general, Airmail has potentially a lot of interesting features but it is even full of bugs… So, not sure it could be very useful as integration with Agenda.

Apparently this isn’t even available on the Mac Airmail (at least I couldn’t find it) and I can’t get it to work on my iPhone either. It opens Agenda into the untitled note and adds nothing. I’m wondering about the secret to success.

I initially just tried adding an untitled project within an existing Category and that did not work. What I ultimately did to finally get it working was to create a new category with an on title project. For some strange reason that made all the difference. After I got it working I just renamed the category and box and left the project untitled. See the picture below.

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Correct, it’s not on the Mac yet…

Thank you @m3dbmus that was very helpful.
I’ve written 10 times to Airmail support without getting any further on the integration between Airmail and Agenda. No wonder their ratings has crashed after they introduced subscription Payment.