Nested Tags and/or Nested search

New user here. Can we use nested tags? Also, my search is already cluttered using the smart search feature. Is there a way to nest those as well?

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In my view, this is increasingly a problem and should be tackled with high priority. Saved overviews are often used and help to keep track of things. Unfortunately, this list is very quickly overcrowded and scrolling is very tedious, especially on the iPhone. I would also like to add a nesting function here.

Nested tags isn’t something that is supported, and probably not something we’ll do very quickly as it would add a layer of complexity.

A workaround is simple though, you could do the same as what Gmail does, which presents tags as allowing nesting, but in essence you just make url like tags. Imagine you’d like to make tags like “search” and “overview” nested under a tag called “features”. While technically this isn’t possible, you could just make the tags like this:


you can simply search (in Agenda 19) for #feature/ to get all the tagged notes with either of the two. Or search for the name of the specific tag (it should also find them as part of autocompletion if you search for #search in Agenda 19).

Regarding nesting smart overviews in the sidebar, this is something we’re considering indeed.

Thank you. I appreciate the response.

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