Nested collapsible notes

To me the ultimate killer feature yet to add to Agenda would be subnotes. Subnotes would not prevent it being able to be viewed as an independent note, but is a subnote in the sense it could be collapsed within a note.

For example, if I had a note like this:

  1. Project 1
  2. Project 2
  3. Project 3

I could double-click on “Project 2”, and see something like a sticky (ideally with choice of default color and changeable) expand inline, allowing me to make additions or edits without leaving my main note. Just collapse when done, and I’m back to my thought process without having to think of navigation at all.


I see what you mean but would not think of it as sub notes but rather “collapsible sections” within a note, also described by others as outlining features.


It’d be great whatever it might be called, but my idea is specfically that the collapsed portion can be an entirely independent note, and not just an embedded list. Still, even an embedded list would be cool.

Not sure I’m following, you can just better make a separate note then or not? Note that new in Agenda 13 this has now also become much easier to do: