Need to archive project or note to be neat

When finishing one project or notes, you can only delete them but not archive them. For the current solution, i can only mark them as read and hide them from ‘On the Agenda’, which is still not enough. Please have the function of archiving Projects or Notes. For example, you can archive project in a specific archive file. And you can archive old notes in the project. Just like with one-click, you can roll up and roll down the archived notes in one project. Instead of deleting these notes, we can see how the process was within specific project. And we can check history of archived notes through clicking, by showing a list of lighter color archived notes under the current notes.
Appreciating the team of Agenda for creating such convenient App. Waiting for your updates! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback, we’re planning to add archiving of projects in the not too distant future.


You don’t need to delete those notes, Evan. Why don’t you create a separate category called “Archives” and drag the entire project to that category?

I do this until Agenda has matured more and it’s not ideal, but at least I do save the notes and by collapsing the category in the sidebar I can’t get confused about which is what.

Agree with Evan, there are alternative options but archiving projects would be much better

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Thanks! I had an project called “Archive” already for now. But within the specific project, sometimes you need to make those hide notes invisible. I get confused a lot with the current feature since i can only hide the content instead of the notes. Sometimes, within specifc project, you can finish some previous notes. Hiding the contents arent just enough, in order to be more clear, I think you would like to hide some specific notes which can help you finish the project better. :slight_smile:

This is so needed, it is ridiculous that it does not exists.

It’s on our roadmap. In the meantime, the workaround is pretty straightforward.


+1 for note and project archiving :grinning:

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