Need the feature of recording voice

I usually attend meeting,and voice recording is necessary for me.

You could use a third-party app and the shortcuts app, with the automations!

You could record the meeting with an app such as “Just Press Record” (One-Time Purchase 5€), the file is accessible via the Files app and has a transcription function in the app (everything on the device, Secure & Private).

When leaving the app (Just Press Record), you could automatically attach the newly created file to a newly created note or, if the notes for meetings all have a name scheme, you can use that and implement it with the shortcuts of Agenda.

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This is in our roadmap, but I can’t say exactly when we will get to it. Using an app like Just Press Record, or Apple’s own recording app, is probably a good option. You can attach the finished recording to a note.

If you’re not aware of the Noted app, you’re in for a happy surprise!
I love Noted so much: a rock-solid voice/meeting/audio recording app with the ability to link notes you take to audio (as well as timestamp, transcribe, and many other goodies).
Absolutely splendid, one of my favorite apps, and works/syncs great on desktop and mobile.

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