Need export PDF in dark mode style

I’ve made almost every app in my OS in dark mode, which makes my eyes feel comfortable, especially these paperwork like PDF and Agenda. Love the dark mode skin in Agenda, but sometimes i have to edit the PDF exported from Agenda, I always keep thinking what if the PDF has a dark mode skin like Agenda, that would be a sweet experience.

But just to understand, that would mean the PDF would be white-on-black correct, also for those receiving such a PDF on a computer in light mode.

Thanks for replying.

I understand that might be a minority demand but as for myself, dark skin PDF for a light mode OS isn’t a problem, while light mode PDF for a dark mode OS, imagine that editing a blinding page via your phone when you’re already laid on bed, it is a problem. The desktop computer on my office table, it is light mode, cuz there is a light-filled space, never felt uncomfortable with dark skin apps or files on it.

I update my dev log on paper everyday, sometimes project plans, fleeting thoughts, now even my honeymoon travel plan were made in Agenda! From Typora to Agenda instead of Word or Excel, not just for the markdown style, and also the delightful color. And i bought a licence for exporting PDF, so i can make a PDF after I think it’s finished. Put them on Onedrive, then i can look up my logs via other devices(Win & Android especially) anythime. Sharing a plan of traveling with friends, and it’s a cool PDF, that’s awesome! :sunglasses:

But it’s not awesome enough. I wanna feel like im in Agenda while i edit the PDFs from Agenda, i wanna make the contexts look exactlly like they’re in Agenda. After all, i know some people must feel weird about dark mode PDF, but i want it to be an extra option, not only.

That’s what i wanna feedback, please don’t take this as a complaint, on the contrary, never felt so joyful on paperwork, love this.

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