Need a way to force sync!

I made numerous changes to my Agenda notes on my phone, while my laptop and iPad were both offline. These changes do not show up on the laptop or iPad unless I make a throw-away edit on the phone on a project I want to sync. I waited several minutes, and made sure all devices were fully awake and running Agenda, before making the edits, and nothing happened. FWIW, I use iCloud.

Since this is a force-sync by another name (and a limited one at that, since it only affects the edited project), can we get a “force sync” feature in the app? Please and thank you. I get that it’s an ugly workaround for a problem that shouldn’t exist, but it does exist, and it and causes aggravation.

Because of this, I no longer trust the sync process. What if I start editing a project I updated but forgotten about on a different device? This runs the risk of inadvertent editing conflicts.

I believe that quitting the app and opening it again will initiate sync.

The app always syncs at least every couple of minutes, so you should never need to force sync.

It is possible that you making an edit just changed the order of sync. Often, it may not seem like much is happening, but there is actually data updates happening in other projects. So the sync may be going on, even if it doesn’t look like it.

Re: conflicts, Agenda is actually pretty good in this area. We made a big effort to make sure that concurrent changes would merge in a good way.

In short, I think you are just seeing a case of slow sync, or a case where it is doing a long cleanup or something. A force sync button would do nothing, because the app literally syncs every two minutes anyway. I recommend just using the app normally. You should find that it works fine if given a little bit of time to upload and download changes. (Eg if you were offline, and never took your device online, the data can never make it to any other device. Hopefully that is clear. Sync is an upload + download process.)

A startling UX omission for an app as polished as Agenda. A spinning indicator hinting at background sync activity would do worlds of good here.

There is one: if there is a long running sync going on, there should be a cloud icon that flashes. On Mac, it is top-right in the window, and on iOS it is in the right panel.

The icon doesn’t appear on every single sync, because many syncs are very short, and having it there all the time would be annoying. But if a sync is taking longer than a few seconds, it should appear and flash.

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