Navigating by keyboard

It’ll be much faster in my workflow if I can do most things without using mouse. However, I found that it’s hard to navigating between projects & notes by keyboard.


  • It’d be nice if there are shortcut to focus to left side bar and let arrow keys to select project.
  • Or I see that Agenda has Jump menu. It’d be great if I can use shortcuts to open jump menu and use arrow key to select project/note.

I love the app. Even it’s new but I look at your roadmap, how quickly you guys response to feedbacks & release updates, I bought preimum plan and switch to Agenda from Quiver.
I’m really looking forward to your updates.

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Open and closing the left and right sidebars is already possible with shortcuts (option-cmd-s and option-cmd-i), also going to “On the Agenda” (cmd-1) and “Today” (cmd-2) - what I use already a lot. But I agree the less I need the mouse the better.

And I certanly agree with your point on the responsiveness and feedback of the team. Quite exeptional and I also do highly appreciate this.

Thanks for the kind words guys. We’ll do our best to see if we can further improve keyboard navigation.

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I’ve recently switched to Agenda (subscription) from just using a Visual Studio Code text editor (!). Loving it so far - great job!

One of the things I really miss is to be able to quickly navigate between projects or notes using just the keyboard. In VS Code you can jump between files by pressing cmd-P and then typing the name of the file (

It’s different than search in that it only searches filename, not file content. Having something like this in Agenda, that allows quickly jumping to a project or a note, would really speed up navigation.

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I like the idea. We use Xcode, and I use that “Quick Open” feature a lot. Will note it down.


Big supporter of a quick open feature with fuzzy search here as well. You can also look to the Markdown editor Caret for inspiration.

Btw is it at all possible to navigate between different projects using just the keyboard right now?

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I don’t think it is, no. Will take it on board. Thanks for the feedback!


Hey, @drewmccormack, any news on opening a project/note via keyboard? As a developer, quick open is one of the most used (and missed) shortcuts.

Nothing to report, I’m afraid. Neck deep in Reminders at the moment.

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If you open the Project List via ctrl + 1, you can then navigate projects by typing the first letter of the project. This works well unless you have multiple projects that start with the same letter.

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Good idea, but I have dozens of projects! Hey, @drewmccormack, what are the chances of getting this feature in?

I thought we did add some keyboard navigation a while back, but maybe it is not working so well with the latest subcategories. Are you after general keyboard nav on Mac? Eg using arrow keys etc to move around?

Hey Drew. I’ve described it a while back earlier in this thread: Navigating by keyboard

Hope that helps.


OK, thanks! It’s in the list :wink:

This is an older thread but here’s another user hoping for better keyboard support. Things like

  • Jumping to notes / projects
  • Linking to other things like notes with just the keyboard
  • Quickly moving a note to other projects without using the mouse
  • Adding notes to other projects (since we can’t jump to a project fast)

The arrow key support is already a good start but not quite there yet.

The quick-find feature of editors is a good example. DEVONthink 3 also added a new quick jump/move action for the entire application that became a huge timesaver.


Bump! I’ve so many projects now, and it’s a real PITA not being able to navigate quickly only using the keyboard.

Can you be more specific? The macOS app does allow you to do a lot with the keyboard. What exactly are you missing that would make it nice for you?

Hey Drew. Maybe I missed it in the documentation, here’s what I’m hoping for:

Thanks. We have plans to look into this.