Natural Language finds event in text?

What I did: My wife texted about Basketball and it appeared in Agenda as an event yet not in my Calendar.

What happened: There was no way for me to actually add this to my calendar from Agenda. When i did via my text I ended up with two entrys in Agenda though only one in my calendar.

What I expected: If natrual language picks up a possible event, it should present clearly as a suggestion and there should be a clear option to add the event to my calendar.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda version 9.1.2, MacOS 10.15.2

I believe these events are detected by the system and put in a specific calendar called Found in Natural Language or Siri Found in Apps. If you have the premium features you can hide this calendar to prevent these events from being shown until you have assigned them to one of your calendars explicitly.

mekentosj, I can select calendars but the “Siri Suggestions” or the “Found in Natural Language” are not visible in Agenda for the former or both Agenda and the MacOS Calendar App for the later. funny settings thing that I am sure is complicated by my having Agenda on several devices.

Hmm, that’s very odd, are you on 10.15 or 10.14?

I have Siri off on my devices. Is Agenda detecting the events? I don’t want to hide this from my calendar, I want it off, to stop “listening in"

Yes, I think it should, these are events parsed (on the device without sending anything to Apple) from emails etc, which doesn’t require voice.