Native Exchange / Office 365 support

Thanks Alexander. I’ll try and see if I can add the Exchange calendar through automated exports / sharing.

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I’d be keen to see Exchange support as well, just to add to any numbers the Agenda team are keeping on this. I access my work’s exchange/Office 365 server using Fantastical and would love to have a way to see the respective calendar entries in Agenda.

By the way, I’m very new to Agenda, but it feels like a really nice approach to note taking.

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+1 for Exchange support. Would be similar support as Fantastical has in terms of being able to use the Exchange calendar in Agenda. Thank you!


+1 exchange support

+1 on exchange support, I cannot use Agenda until that happens! :frowning:

+1 for Exchange support!

+1 for Exchange support

Me as well. I hate exchange, but I’d certainly appreciate being able to use Agenda with it.

  • 1 on exchange. Hate it. Gotta use it unfortunately.

+1 for Exchange. I can’t really use Agenda without it. The Exchange APIs aren’t too bad to wade through. Not simple for sure, but not insurmountable. Thank you!

Same here…Office 365 Exchange support is highly requested and required.

+1 for Exchange

I have this issue and I what I have done as a work around was to setup a flow within Office 365 to sync my exchange calendar with my Google calendar. For apps that leverage the Mac accounts (like Things as well) this has worked quite well.

+1 on Exchange support. Will unfortunately have to seek refund as it was not made clear upon Reg. Can someone at Agenda help?

I’ve sent you a message on how to request a refund.

(OP here.) My company has finally allowed updating to Mojave, and I was pleased to discover that Exchange installations relying on Microsoft’s SSO feature are now supported by the OS.

My work calendars now appear in and in Agenda!

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For those experiencing Exchange/Office265 issues, we were recently told that this might be related to MDM profiles installed by your workplace:

The MDM is somewhat but not the same thing. Basically iOS and OS X native client is still on an old Exchange protocol and may get disabled by certain MDM config.

Most modern apps like Outlook/WebEx/Fantasical rely on new Outlook API to access Office365, which is much easier to support than old Exchange protocol.

You may test out those new API in Microsoft Graph Explorer.

+1 for exchange

+1 for office 365