Native Exchange / Office 365 support

+1 for Exchange support!

+1 for Exchange support

Me as well. I hate exchange, but I’d certainly appreciate being able to use Agenda with it.

  • 1 on exchange. Hate it. Gotta use it unfortunately.

+1 for Exchange. I can’t really use Agenda without it. The Exchange APIs aren’t too bad to wade through. Not simple for sure, but not insurmountable. Thank you!

Same here…Office 365 Exchange support is highly requested and required.

+1 for Exchange

I have this issue and I what I have done as a work around was to setup a flow within Office 365 to sync my exchange calendar with my Google calendar. For apps that leverage the Mac accounts (like Things as well) this has worked quite well.

+1 on Exchange support. Will unfortunately have to seek refund as it was not made clear upon Reg. Can someone at Agenda help?

I’ve sent you a message on how to request a refund.

(OP here.) My company has finally allowed updating to Mojave, and I was pleased to discover that Exchange installations relying on Microsoft’s SSO feature are now supported by the OS.

My work calendars now appear in and in Agenda!

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For those experiencing Exchange/Office265 issues, we were recently told that this might be related to MDM profiles installed by your workplace:

The MDM is somewhat but not the same thing. Basically iOS and OS X native client is still on an old Exchange protocol and may get disabled by certain MDM config.

Most modern apps like Outlook/WebEx/Fantasical rely on new Outlook API to access Office365, which is much easier to support than old Exchange protocol.

You may test out those new API in Microsoft Graph Explorer.

+1 for exchange

+1 for office 365

+1 for Office 365. I have not found any workaround that is acceptable to our company enterprise security team (e.g., calendar syncing).


This is definitely a must. Please consider the following use case:

I freelance and I use my own equipment for work. Connecting my device to an Exchange server gives control to that Exchange server admin over my device. I don’t want that.

Instead, I want to be able to connect Agenda to an Exchange server via in-app sign-in to see my calendar’s events and avoid the above scenario.

Indeed, apps like Fantastical allow one to connect to Exchange, and other services, not exposing the device identifier and not giving an admin control over a private device (from my understanding).

When I think of it, the current settings of Agenda are a bit counterproductive. See, Agenda primarily uses iCloud, while Dropbox (I think) is an option.

Many users like myself use either iCloud or another cloud storage, not necessarily Dropbox, which for me personally is a big NO considering they’ve been mishandling user data in the past.

Most work devices only use Exchange, not iCloud (at least I haven’t encountered a single environment where iCloud would be used for business). Therefore, syncing notes is only possible via iCloud (in such cases). This means that if you want to sync your notes you must use iCloud and ideally involve a private device.

Now, if you want to connect your device, you must be okay with the fact that an admin can control your (private) device remotely. That, in my view, is not acceptable. Agenda doesn’t enable me to sign in to Exchange without potentially compromising my device.

I hope you can see where the two concepts clash and just don’t work well together. Adding Exchange sign-in could remedy that partially at least. Adding OneDrive next to Dropbox and iCloud could solve the problem of syncing notes via OneDrive and enable business cloud syncing, and that’s the most common case since most businesses still use Microsoft.

On a personal note, I would appreciate if many more FSPs were added. I don’t trust Apple with my data, but I don’t really have that much choice with Agenda.

Are you able just to connect the Calendar app of Apple to exchange? If you can do that, Agenda can see the events. We have deliberately integrated with Apple’s calendar store, because it is available to all apps in the system. If another app is using it, it too will work with Agenda.

We’ll take on board the request for Microsoft sync. The problem is really that everyone has their own preference here. We get requests for Google Drive and Amazon Drive too. Before you know it, you have to support every service out there. (Most apps I know of don’t bother with more than iCloud.)

We’ll see what we can do. Thanks for the feedback!

I am able to connect the way you described, but that also presents the risk I mentioned. Connecting to an org this way gives them access to my device. It’s also written in system settings as a warning just before connecting the device to an Exchange server and allowing system-wide access to company resources.

I understand it’s all about prioritisation. Please consider though, that MS is really possibly the most widely used solution for companies. I think I’m correct to say Google Workspace falls just behind, but I’m not sure as I haven’t done research in this regard. Speaking from experience, most companies use MS 365 as it’s called nowadays, they get the full suite and don’t need anything else, which is why enabling the connection to Exchange makes sense.

We’ll keep it all in mind. We would like to add more services, but there are so, so many.

We will also be adding e2e encryption via iCloud soon. The other services would presumably not be encrypted, which would be a bit of downer.

It is true that MS is probably most popular at the workplace, but so is Windows :wink: So maybe there isn’t as much to gain there as it seems for an “Apple app shop”.

We’ll see what we can do…

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