Name a new link with selected text

A big benefit of in-line links is the name of the link fitting contextually into a sentence relating to the subject. I think many would benefit from the ability to create links with text selected in the target as the name vs the name of the target note or file, then copy text and rename.This applies to both “copy link” and “link to”.

I kind of see what you want but it’s not easy to make that something trivial in terms of UI I’m afraid. If you want to do it for weblinks it’s simple:

Given the following text:

A big benefit of in-line links is the name of the link fitting

You can simply mark the text you want to link using the following syntax first

A big [benefit of in-line links]() is the name of the link fitting

And then paste the weblink in between the parentheses:

A big [benefit of in-line links]( is the name of the link fitting

For internal links (and weblinks) one thing that does work is by using the text actions:

You can use the description parameter to decide what the displayed text should be:

\link(url:, description: microsoft)

which inserts the text microsoft with a link to, but it also works for internal links to projects:

\link(project: Developing Yak App, description: YakApp)

which inserts the text YakApp with a link to the project called Developing Yak App, and for notes:

\link(note-title: Meeting the developers, description: Developers)

which inserts a link to the note with the title Meeting the developers and the text Developers

Hopefully that helps…