My Short workflow-story

Short workflow-story
So my work has taken a different course twice in a relatively short period of time. Conducting live trainings was, so to speak, a thing of the past for me since COVID. As a result, I shifted my focus to webinars. This led to significant numbers of participants and corresponding administrative tasks. To manage it all effectively, I relied on my CRM (CapsuleCRM, great quality/price ratio). During that time, I only used Agenda for ideas, reports, and personal matters. However, a few weeks ago, that came to an end, and now I am concentrating on a product I started developing during COVID. Now I am fully engaged with Agenda again, but my workflow has changed significantly.
Previously, I used a central note for each project, from which notes related to execution would emerge in various sub-projects. That worked well for what I was doing at that time. However, now that I’m working on a tangible product, this is not the most logical strategy. The way I currently organize projects is much more intuitive: Categories → Projects → notes are created “on the fly” within a couple of main categories: 2023, 2024, 2025 etc.
To keep it organized, I have a project called “Planning.” Unlike 90% of my notes, the ones in Planning are dated so that they appear in the Today overview. Day by day, I use a backslash “split” to add “part 2 (etc)” to the original name. Each day, I plan on those notes what I’m going to do that day: checklists and regular lists for things I want to focus on.
In the meantime, numerous Agenda projects and categories have been created. One could say that it’s becoming challenging to see the forest for the trees. However, I have found that tags are an excellent tool for establishing important connections and uncovering them when needed. They help in keeping track of relevant information, making it easily accessible and, in my experience don’t slow down Agenda.
What I have noticed also is that when working with Agenda, the habits I have developed over the years are no longer effective. I now rely much more on the “quick jump” menu and drop-down lists. I often find that I no longer need the project column as much as before. The new tools and features in Agenda have allowed me to streamline my workflow and access information more efficiently.

Agenda is almost as flexible as I am.

Ps: I archive all notes that are “done”.


Thanks for sharing this @robbie07, very cool to read how Agenda has become integral part of your workflow and how it has continued to evolve over time! :raised_hands:

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