My Reimagined Productivity Home Screen

Hi all!

Not strictly Agenda-related, but I thought I’d share the new Home Screen I have built (and the way it was done) as a foundation for my productivity practices, in to which Agenda plays an integral part.

Hope someone finds this useful!



An awesome demo of the power of shortcuts and integrating the various apps in your workflow in one concise and aggregated view, thanks for sharing!


Looks very nice and yes its 100% productivity, very cool. You are going to have to. change the icons on the drawer so it is in line with the look and feel and color scheme you are using. BTW how many hours did it take you ? I have been playing around with mine, but I have a feeling that i am terribly slow at this. lol

Congrats, thanks for sharing

Once Agenda support read action through url scheme or shortcuts, that would be awesome.

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This I prefer to not do, actually. Other than Safari, my dock apps all badge, and I wouldn’t want to lose that.

I didn’t really keep track, but probably around three or four all told as I chipped away at it? I can say, though, that building was the easy part, and that design/deciding what I actually wanted was the hard part.

If I were to do it all again, I think I would mock up designs first and then just set myself to building with Shortcuts. Designing while building wasn’t a great choice :joy:



I thought I’d share (again) that I made a new version fo this screen, but with widgets using Reminders as source data. For Agenda, this makes even more sense, particularly with the wonderful \remind functionality and other integrations with Reminders:



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