My Outlook Calendar is appearing on Mac but not on mobile

What I did:

I have added my Outlook Calendar (exchange) to my Apple calendar on both my Mac and my iPhone.

I have ensured that this calendar is selected on both devices.

What happened:

The Outlook events are appearing fine on the Mac but when I look at Agenda on my mobile, they do not appear.

What I expected:

I would have expected them to show on both as the appropriate calendar is selected.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

IPhone iOS version 16.4.1 (a)

Have you opened Apple’s Calendar app on the iPhone? And do you see the outlook events in that?

In general, if you can get the events to appear in Apple’s calendar, they will also appear in Agenda.

Hi Drew, I got it to work by uninstalling Agenda and reinstalling.

Thanks for your response.


OK, glad it is working. Odd that that was needed.