My .10¢

It’s .10¢ because my .02¢ is free.

Joking aside, would just like to drop this post of my gratitude for discovering Agenda. Not sure if it’s just my old age catching up that appreciates the wonders Agenda gives me for my writing organization, the love of Apple Calendar and are Reminders are integrated, or just how wonderful Agenda as an app and the community along with it are top shelf!

Huge thank you and would just like to let you know thank you so much for developing this app, bringing simplicity with power, and having such a great experience since the day I’ve discovered Agenda… looks to be on February 18th; 2 weeks to the day and can already see this being the only writing app I need for my use.

Hope to see the app grow and thrive as needed, thank you again.


Great to hear! Thanks for letting us know. It’s nice to get feedback like this.