Must Stay Signed in to Use Premium Features

I like the model u have for payment, however I am not a fan of having to sign in every time to use the premium features and I generally don’t like to stay signed in to the inet, even though I use a VPN. Not that I’m doing anything illegal, but is there a way I could pay for premium features, sign in one time to validate, then sign out until it’s time for renewal and retain the premium features I’ve paid for?

Thanks and keep up the great work.

Yes, you do need to sign in to unlock the features, but importantly, you don’t need to be connected to the internet all the time, you only need to be connected at the time you log in. In other words, just think about logging in as entering your serial number and have it be validated through the web. You also don’t remove a serial number again from an app after you have entered it, you just leave it “keyed in”, which is how it works in Agenda too.

Thank you for the prompt information. I had noticed if I signed in to validate extra features then signed out it responded as though I didn’t have extra features. If I understand u, to use extra features I will just have to sign in, turn off WiFi, then enable WiFi when I am through.

No, none of that is necessary, just sign in while you have internet just once and don’t sign out. The features will stay available whether you have internet or not. It’s like entering a serial number, you do it once and then just leave it like that. Only sign out if you wish to no longer use Agenda on that machine, or if someone else wants to use Agenda on that machine.