Multiple Windows / macOS

What I did: opt + space (shortcut)

What happened: opened multiple windows

What I expected: search words into the note.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): all updated

Hmm, are you on the latest version of Agenda? I am not seeing that. If I use that shortcut, it opens the jump menu at the top, and I can quickly jump to another note.

Fore Sure! Thats a bug!

Captura de Tela 2023-04-05 às 09.05.43

Captura de Tela 2023-04-05 às 09.06.06

Captura de Tela 2023-04-05 às 09.08.06

Are you believe me now?

I don’t see you hit option-space in the video. Should I see that? I see other keys highlight, but not that combination.

You are the only one reporting this issue, so it must be something specific to your setup. What sort of keyboard is this? Do you have third party apps that tile windows, for example? Have you checked in the Settings/System Preferences to see if there is a shortcut set there that may play a role?

Please let us know if you learn something that might be important. We would like to solve this problem, but without being able to make it happen ourselves, it is very difficult.

I might have an idea why this happens, is this only when you use this onscreen keyboard? Are you using some kind of sticky keys or accessibility feature?

I use the keyboard of my Mac… I just used virtual keyboard to show the bug…

By the way, the bug continues….generally with projects that are crowded and collapsed….

I wouldn’t say the only one, but the first one after the last corrections….

Strange, so this happens upon option + space and what you try to do is to trigger the Open Quickly dialog, correct?

Also, do you click the mouse at any point in this sequence or does it happen just by typing the alt+space shortcut?

Hi Andre, are you still seeing this behaviour?

Hi, @mekentosj. Unfortunately the issue still happenning, especially when the stage manager is on.

The keys pressed are the same: ‘‘opt’’ + ‘‘space’’

By the way, if the problem stop here, i’ll tell you

Strange, we’ll give it another try then to see if we can make it happen too

@andremariucci I’m still trying to get to reproduce it, even in stagemanager or with projects that have a lot of collapsed note but to no avail. Could you send me a screenshot of the the keyboard preferences in the system settings and of the keyboard and pointer control sections under accessibility?