Multiple sync “spaces"

Recently, I’ve been working with a team that requires all notes to be saved on their network. Agenda already has local notes as a sync option but it would be great if I could have some projects sync using icloud and some using local. This could be at project level, but I think it would probably be easier to implement as an app-level switch.

You could almost view this as enabling multiple users in Craft — documents would stick to the space they were created it and have a permissions firewall.

Is there a “space” switcher in the future of Agenda, allowing for notes to be saved in two different zones?

This type of partial sync leads to quite messy situations. I’ve used it in another app, and I really have regretted it ever since. Eg. a link between two notes is broken, because one note is not synced. That type of thing.

We are currently working on collaboration. It is designed for sharing notes between two different users, but as a by product, you could sync individual notes that way for a single user. Perhaps that would be an option for you, if you don’t need to sync very many of your notes.

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Hi @drewmccormack - thanks for the reply.

Just to clarify (I was in a a flu-stupor when I wrote that post), I’m not quite asking for a partial sync within the same project. I mean like how Obsidian has different vaults. You could have a vault that syncs via iCloud and one that is completely local. Each vault is completely separate from the other, it’s essentially just another instance of the App with a different database.

I do understand that this maybe a niche use case and not a priority, but I hope to clarify that it isn’t toggling sync project by project.

Thanks again!

Thanks for clarifying. Useful feedback!