Multiple Agenda Libraries?

My situation is as follows: I am a long-time agenda user, meaning I have an existing library of notes stored by Agenda in iCloud. I am working for a company that blocks third-party cloud sync/backup, incl. iCloud and Dropbox. I want to use Agenda for work but I also want to keep my existing personal/school notes. Basically how most email clients or calendar apps seem to work.

Question: What is the best way to use Agenda locally on my work machine while preserving my existing iCloud notes, such that I won’t experience any sync/backup conflicts? Is there a way to have two agenda libraries?

Bonus question: Is there a way to manually backup the local library? Is there a way to eventually merge the two one day?

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I have Agenda sync disabled on my work computer.

Pat makes a good point: if you simply keep sync turned off at work, the two will not sync, and will be independent. Alternatively, use a different sync mechanism at work, like Dropbox.

Here is how to make a manual backup on macOS:

  1. Click on Finder, and choose Go > Go to Folder
  2. Enter ~/Library/Group Containers
  3. Find
  4. Select it and choose Edit > Copy
  5. Go to your backup location, select the folder, and choose Edit > Paste

However, you can’t easily merge such a backup later. It is just a copy of all the data, and restoring it would restore the data at that point in time. (Sync is the way to keep a backup that is “mergeable”)

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I think there are several use cases that justify having multiple Agenda libraries. The most obvious one is the one already described: one for personal stuff and another for work, with one separate sync settings per library.

Another use case is sensitive information: maybe you want to write a journal and keep it offline, stored only on your computer. Or a lab/project journal that stays at work at all times.

This fits well the analogy of having multiple traditional notebooks, each one organized for different contexts.

Thanks for the feedback. Something to consider longer term.

In the meantime, you can have multiple libraries if you create multiple user accounts on your Mac. You would have an account for work, with your work email, work Agenda, etc. If you want a strong distinction, this is a probably the way to go.

We’ll consider how we might support multiple workspaces in future.

I will simply keep sync turned off on my work machine and manually create backups from time to time.

However, is there a way to merge the two libraries together in future? What is the fastest/most efficient way to do this? I understand one will be a snapshot in time.

We don’t officially support merging of libraries. If you were to try this, I would first make a thorough backup of the Agenda data on each device.

The way you could attempt to do it, after the backup, is simply to turn on the sync for the second device. All going well, the two libraries should just merge.