Multi-level lists


Currently, I am not sure it is possible to have multi-level lists in a note, either numbered or bulletted. I’m thinking something like:

  1. List item
    a. Sub-item
    i) Sub-sub item


  • List item
    • Sub-item

I wouldn’t personally go deeper than three levels, but I often find I need more than one.



I guess you mean can you choose different bullets and numbering schemes. Not yet, no. You can use indentation to get different levels, and numbers will follow their indentation, but you can’t customize the numbering yet.

Thanks for the feedback!
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Thank you for the quick reply. Yes, that’s what I mean. Or even if a single, built-in system existed, even without customisation options, would be a good start. Can I take “yet” to mean this is something you’ve been thinking about/are working on?

We aren’t working on it at the moment. It’s certainly something we could consider in future, but we have more pressing features on the list at the moment. Sorry.

OK, understood. Well, I put in a vote for this feature for sometime in the roadmap! :blush:


I would second this request, would also like to have different bullets on different levels, like the Notes app…

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I would personally prefer the second option mentioned.

I read that about Notes, and I was wondering what you meant. Seems Notes does indeed use different bullets at each level in a bullet list. In a dash list, it doesn’t. In Agenda we began with just a dash list. The bullets were added as an option later, but basically it was still a dash list, which explains why they are all the same.

Having different bullets on each level should not be difficult. Will consider it.


Personally, I quite like this style:
Notes sample bulleted list.pdf (12.3 KB)

Would love it if you could recreate it…

Will see what we can do. Thanks for the feedback!

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I’d really like the multi level numbered list, first level using 1,2,3 etc, second level using a), b), c), third level using i), ii) or something similar. Again, happy for it to not be customisable, but multi level numbered would be great. Thanlk you!