Moving to new phone using Dropbox


I tried to retrieve my backed up data & notes with Dropbox using the sync feature. My old phone which I frequently used Agenda on for 2+ years was burned in a car accident. I recently got a new iPhone and tried to connect to my account and get my old notes saved from Dropbox sync… For a while it actually did started backing up a few notes after some mins, but after keeping the app open & waiting for days, it hasn’t even retrieved any notes since beginning of 2024. I tried deleted the app and reinstalling but the same issue happened, most of my notes, projects and categories were not retrieved at all. Some are there from 2022, I think, but not all.

I think my sync is broken and I want to ask how to retrieve data & notes when they were previously backed up using Dropbox. I tried my iCloud option too but it’s also incomplete as I have not enough storage. How does the sync work, is it daily, weekly, monthly? I didn’t expect this to not have any backup when I already setup the backup on Dropbox way before December 2023.

Is it possible that my data are saved by Agenda and I can contact the team to upload it to my account/device for me please?

Any advice/support is appreciated! Sorry about my English grammar :sob:



I’m afraid the Dropbox data is sync data and not designed to be a backup. Usually, if there was a problem with that data, you would notice because it would not be syncing to other devices.

Do you have other devices that were syncing? That might be a way to get the data back.

Otherwise, what you are trying sounds like the right way to do it. It should download if the data is there.

Do you see the clouds stop moving over the islands icon? If they are still moving, it means the sync is not finished.

You could also try turning off the Dropbox sync in Agenda, and turning it on again. It should then ask you to sign in again and start downloading once you sign in.

I assume you did not restore a backup of your old iPhone? Usually people have a backup of their iPhone in iCloud, and if they get a new one, they can restore the old backup, including all the Agenda data.

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