Moving paragraphs between adjacent notes

I use the keyboard (shift-control-up/down arrow) all the time to move paragraphs around within notes.

It would be really useful if the command continued to work when a paragraph reaches the top or bottom of a note and then moved to the adjacent note above or below.

This would be consistent with the way the arrow keys move the cursor between adjacent notes.

I tend to keep notes fairly short (as recommended by the Agenda team somewhere) so each note is often a section of a larger conceptual piece.

One example is, when planning my week I have a note ‘this week’ where I brain dump all the stuff I need to do (one action per paragraph), and a separate for each day of the upcoming week. I’d like to be able to use the keyboard command to move tasks quickly out of the week note into the relevant day note.

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Hmm, not sure this is something people would expect, because in contrast to the cursor, that paragraph would have to jump “over” the title. Will discuss it with Drew and think about whether this would make sense.


Thanks for considering this.

It would really fit with one of the ways I use Agenda - which is quickly getting ideas out of my head and then organising them. This applies to the tasks (I think it’s the GTD guy who talks about the importance of this for tasks) and also concepts when planning a piece of writing or structuring a training course.