Moving lines via shortcuts

I just want to praise the new feature to move lines in a note via Shift-Ctrl-Up/Down: This is soo useful!

Agenda is where I manage all my projects, big and small, and it’s great now to just brainstorm the tasks I have to accomplish in order to get to a certain milestone and putting them in the most reasonable order afterwards on the fly.

Big LIKE!!! :+1:


Great to hear that Andreas!


Plus that. This is a feature I use constantly in Bear. It’s great to have it in Agenda, too.

I actually didn’t realize this was in the app, and it was so painful to not have it. I’m used to using editors and IDEs, and the shortcut isn’t the same as VSCode or JetBrains, so didn’t even think to search.

So glad I found this thread because this has been a huge pain point.

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I didn’t know about this either, and it’s something I use ALL THE TIME when editing text and have been hoping would make its way into Agenda.

So glad you posted this, I didn’t read the release notes closely enough :slight_smile:

Hey that’s really cool! Doesn’t seem to work on iPadOS - is there an alternative key for it?



We haven’t added the commands to iPad yet. Will consider it.