“Move to Bin” pop up UX

Because there is a bin, I’m wondering what the purpose is for the pop up confirmation on iOS when deleting notes in projects. Even if I accidentally choose the “Move to Bin” from the menu, I can recall the note from the bin. Furthermore, when using a keyboard on iOS and using the shortcut, I definitely don’t want to see the pop up confirmation. I’m not accidentally going to hit command-option-delete (and again, if I do, I can recall the note from the bin).

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It’s an interesting point. I think the dialog was there from when we didn’t have a bin, and the note would be permanently removed.

We will consider it. Thanks for the feedback!

The need to click twice has been annoying me as well. It shows down my workflow.

There is a checkbox so you can say you don’t want it again, right? Or are you talking about on iOS?

I’m talking about iOS. So the need to “tap” twice to delete an item is more correct.

We will add an option to suppress the question also on iOS.

Thank you! I’m looking forward to it. Thanks for the great app.

Update: We added the option to suppress the confirmation question in Agenda 9.3.