Move Text Up & Down for iOS

I understand that this feature is already available on the Mac, is it possible to add it into iOS?

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll put it on the list.

+1 I move text a lot, and right now it involves cut and paste

Update: the upcoming 11.2 update will add the keyboard shortcuts for moving the text up and down also on iPadOS:

Shortcut Command
⇧⌃ ↑ Move Text Up
⇧⌃ ↓ Move Text Down
⌃⌘ B Move Checked Items to Bottom
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This is great but can it be added to the quick text bar too for iPhone? :grimacing:

I’m afraid we don’t have space for that on iOS

Yea I understand. It’d be nice if the bar could scroll to include those options but for now I just reserve those edits for when I’m back at my Mac.