Move notes from inbox to project

I may have asked this before, If possible,

Could you creat a keyboard shortcut to move a note to a project. CMD-Crtl-M or CMD-SHFT-M is what other project/note tools use.

I use an inbox religously, and I just want to be able to use a keyboard shortcut to file when I am done. Right now the only solution I can find is drag and drop.

Thanks, Big fan

+1 would love to see this

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But then which project would it move to?

I would hope there was a dropdown of all the projects. Here are some images from Evernote and things


Evernote: CMD- CTL- M

Got it, we’ll think about it.


Thank you

I’ve been using the Drafts app as my inbox and would like to forward a draft to a project in Agenda but I can’t seem to see anything in the Share sheet. The Agenda app doesn’t seem to be available in my share sheet.

I use this action in Drafts which copy to Agenda.


Update: in Agenda 14 you can now use the \move command to trigger an Open Quickly like menu to select where to move the note though.