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I have an Agenda note as my main to do list, but find reordering to dos vexing in MacOS. Ideally I’d like a keyboard shortcut to move the current line up/down by one, plus an easy drag/drop (e.g. with mouse hovering over the orange ball at the left of the line). Something like what happens in Bear when you cmd-option-up/down arrow.

Currently I have to select the line, cmd-X to cut it - which deselects the to do circle and star - then reposition the cursor, cmd-V to paste it, then add to do circle and star. Six actions when it could be one.

Many thanks for your consideration. Loving the app.


PS I’ve just found if I position the cursor between the to do circle and the text, then drag, it COPIES the line to the new location, but again without to do circle or star. Inconsistent UI and not what I’m after…


I see that shortcuts to move lines up and down have been requested a few times and I believe it’s in the backlog.

In the meantime, I use BetterTouchTool to automate the cut/pasting. I originally created these for Apple Notes, but to my delight, they also work in Agenda. They will move a paragraph block up or down and work for todos and list items.

Attached screenshots if you want to have a go at recreating the shortcuts in BetterTouchTool.

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Many thanks Patrick. Hopefully this will get sorted at some point…until then I’ll have a go with your suggestion.




Thanks for the feedback re: moving list items. We certainly want to improve this.

I have tried to reproduce the issue where you say that you get the line duplicated, but don’t see that. Any chance you could describe that more, or perhaps send a little screen capture video showing it?

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+1 especially for moving ‘done’ items below the ‘yet todo’ items.

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This is something that I really would like to see as well.

So, what’s the best way to indicate interest for things like this? Reply to the topic, or is it sufficient to :heart: the original post?

Best to leave a “+1” reply

+1 please

+1 for me too. Thanks!

+1 that would be great :+1:

One way to move the checklist item, whether checked or not: Triple click the item and then drag that selected item where you want it.
Triple-click is very fast. It’s almost like 2 steps for the whole process.
When you drag the item, a little doc icon appears at the mouse pointer. To position the selected item above another checklist item, position the insertion point (which appears left of the little icon) in front of the checkbox circle of the other checklist item and release.
Result: Checklist item is moved whole, including the checkbox/circle, above the other item.