Move categories

What I did: I have several categories (in the root, no sub-categories) and I want to move one of them into another position to change the order the categories are displayed.

What happened: I cannot move the category in between two other categories, the moved category will become a sub-category of one of the two categories I try to place the selected category in between.

What I expected: To move the category in-between two others, I expected the two categories to “make place” for the selected category to fit in between.

Things that might be helpful to know: The expected behavior is shown on top of the list of categories, moving the selected category to the top of the list. The first category moves down and makes place for the selected and moved category. It doesn’t matter if the categories are collapsed to hide the projects contained or not.
I use the newest Versions of both Agenda and Mac OS

Because of how the sidebar works and all the possibilities it can indeed be tricky in some circumstances to get it to do the right thing. Often what helps is to instead of say moving one category up, try moving the other one down.

This comes up regularly (might be time to reconsider that interaction…)

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Thanks! Exactly, that works. And it works fine.

Colapsed Categories will integrate the moving category into itself as a sub-category.
Extended categories will make place for the moving category to fit below itself.

In my case: read the manual before complaining… Sorry for that. I will keep quiet and just get on enjoying Agenda, my first an only notes tool… :wink:

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