More writing features!

HI Guys - the app is firmly part of how i run my business now. Thanks!

I’m a heavy Apple Pencil user - features i’d love:

  • Paper choices. Lined / squared would be useful.
  • Being able to add icons or hashtags directly against your hand written note (like One Note)
  • Integration with GoodNotes 5 would be good
  • Different pen choices other than the standaard IOS notes ones / better highlighter support.

That’ll do me for now! Thanks - James.

Hi James,
Thanks for the feedback.

Certainly a common request. Hopefully do this in the not too distant future.

We don’t have any text recognition in the handwritten notes yet. That is quite a challenge. Perhaps apple will help us with that next year.

In the meantime, you could use Scribble to put a tag in the typed text.

What type of integration? We do already have a good share extension, so you can put data from Goodnotes into Agenda. Let us know what you would specifically like to be able to do.

We have built our support on apple’s pencil support, so we don’t have any real control over that. But hopefully Apple themselves will gradually improve things, and we will get that free in Agenda.

Thanks for the feedback!
Kind regards,