More sharing capabilities

Hi guys,
I’ve asked an almost identical question like this before but can’t find the reply (you did reply btw).
I have a use case that speaks to the project management of teams, individuals and tasks.

I would REALLY appreciate it if you could confirm whether or not you would consider the following…
I’m using ‘slack’ and ‘Asana’ at present, but would LOVE to achieve the equivalent in Agenda.

  1. The ability to share Projects as a whole.
  2. Same, but for Categories.
  3. Same but for tags.

It’s not a big ask… Lol.

But seriously any one of these things would be tremendous. All of them would be absolute HEAVEN !

Just imagine the incredible flexibility and use cases that would be possible…

In my own case I would set things up to facilitate my SOP’s in order to drive quality/performance and functions of my teams per project and specific tasks for team members.

If this were made possible then Agenda would likely explode it’s sales. I already promote Agenda whenever I get the chance and know you have generated sales as a result ( that’s why I previously asked about starting an affiliate program ). Your app is great as it stands! I just like to imagine how it could be so much more.

So… Say “a couple of months “? I’m joking of course as this is a big ask, but then you are responsive to user requests as it is.

Regards to both of you.
Miles Pearson

Hi Miles,

Note that we do support collaboration between people, but it is at the note level, not the project level.

We do get the request to share projects from time to time. I can certainly see it would be useful. The problem is that the note sharing feature is not that popular, so it means the project sharing gets pushed on the back burner a bit. It is in the list though. We should get to it at some point.

Sorry I don’t have better news.

Kind regards,

Hi Drew

Perhaps note sharing isn’t that popular because of its limited use case.
Although I respect your implementation list.
I guess I’ll have to continue using my existing methods.

Note sharing btw was the only reason I bought the pro version.