More papers for Apple Pencil notes?

Agenda is my todo/notes app of choice except that I prefer to take notes during meetings using my iPad/Apple Pencil as it’s much less intrusive than a clicking keyboard. The new pencil support is a big improvement for me — I used to take notes in GoodNotes which meant I had to attach them as PDFs in Agenda or just keep a parallel file structure in my GoodNotes app, and I didn’t love either option. I’m doing much more handwritten note-taking in Agenda now, however, I really miss the option of choosing lined or dotted/grid papers which GoodNotes provides, so still find myself using GoodNotes when I need lots of detail. Any chance paper templates might be on the new feature list?


Thanks for the feedback. I have heard this one come up a few times. We will consider it as a future feature.

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I too prefer the pencil to typing in meetings. I do the writing in Nebo then copy the text across to Agenda. Nebo’s pencil to text conversion is the best I’ve found.

I’m still not styled text to paste, but maybe I’m missing something. Nebo also does drawings/doodles but I’m right to try copying those.

I need to try shortcuts for tags, people, etc.

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Thanks; I use Mazec for handwriting conversation, which is also.

Thank you for the Mazec mention. It’s the same handwriting recognition engine as Nebo. I didn’t know that. I may have to pull the trigger and give it a try.

I’d like to add my request for the capability to have lined or grid backgrounds as an option for taking notes with Apple Pencil.


I used Selvy penscript to write - easier to be in the apps you’re using while having ability to write for those who prefer pen over keyboard.

Would like to have lined or grid paper too.

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Thanks for the feedback. Will consider it.

Looks like Agenda using Apple’s Notes? Should have some sort of API to integrate to select grid or linked paper type because standard Apple Notes has those options for users to choose.

Agenda doesn’t use any of the higher level functionality from Apple Notes, this is not available to 3rd party developers. It does use the lower level functionality available on the platform, but this doesn’t include the grid or paper type.

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Then I’m ok not to have Agenda focus on developing this feature. You guys have your hands full with more critical fixes and new features. Keep up the good work :+1:

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