More Options/Controls for Handwritten Notes

Loving Agenda coming from Onenote. My challenge is that I take all my notes using handwriting on my iPad Pro (yes, I’m old school). Do you see adding more features to the handwriting capabilities in Agenda? Some things that I’d like to see:

  • Ruled paper background along with other background options
  • ability to annotate handwritten notes, i.e. add tags, links etc.
  • make handwritten notes searchable

I understand that there are many other handwriting apps that have these features, would love to be able to have Agenda be the “One Ring to Rule them All”!



Thanks for the feedback!

The ruled backgrounds is a very common request. Would like to do something there.

Other things require handwriting recognition, which is expensive/challenging. We are hoping Apple will come to the rescue, perhaps even as early as today. If they do make it possible, we will make it a priority to add to Agenda.

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