More incentives to pay for Agenda



I adopted Agenda on launch. I’m a freelance designer. Very happy with the app.

I use Agenda to:
— follow everything that happens in a webdesign/development project
— store and develop ideas for templates, blog posts, front end dev projects

My workflow now is either:
— ideas go directly to Agenda, in a new post, inside of a post, or in a new post in new project
— ideas start on as and are brought later to Agenda

I discovered today that I’m still using the free version. I went to pay for all the features, but none of the paid features apply to me: I don’t use calendar, copy markdown etc.

I exaggerate, I’m going to pay now to use the « Pin » feature, I think I was among the users to ask for it.

So here are the features I would have pay for on day 1:
— share a note in both reading and editing mode
— add images (and iPad drawings on iPad) to notes

Thanks for listening :slight_smile: Going to pay for premium now.


Just for what it’s worth, I’m a comics collector for several years. Perhaps it’s because it takes me back to my younger days where I can go get in a quiet spot and read great story lines and see really great art. I still collect my favorites: Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman. When I buy my comics I buy at my local comics store…I pay more there but I beieve in supporting my local store to keep them in business. I believe in the artists and the independent publishers so I support them, too.

In much the same way, when I see a good product that has use in my every day routine of doing things, and notice that the developers seem to want to provide good functionality, I feel they should know in some way that they have my support. Perhaps the “advanced” features they have now, aren’t to your or my liking, but that doesn’t mean that one day they won’t be there. In the meantime, I’m showing my support of their dedicated time and efforts to create and improve an app that I’m using for the whopping cost of less than 8 cents a day.


Hi Vincent,

Thanks for purchasing and supporting us.

We do update the premium features as we go. Recently we added pinned notes and calendar selection.

If you find you don’t need any premium features, you are free to the use the app as is. That is how we designed the license. We want people to use the app, even if they aren’t paying (yet!)

We hope to lure you into paying at some point with a nice premium feature. And if not, you are free to support us anyway by purchasing :wink:



I’m ready to be lured!

I just noticed that those icons change depending on how crowded the project is…

Rad little detail :smiley:


Totally. Well said.

I have to admit I’m never super comfortable with subscriptions. They add up and there’s a limited amount you can subscribe to, they have to be chosen wisely.

I use an app on iPad called Procreate. It’s a one time pay app. They however found, at times, ways to monetize a bit more, by proposing a pack of « Preview features » . Features almost fully baked that you can use before everyone else if you get the pack. I liked it and other users too, they sold a lot of those packs. This is very artificial but the mechanic seemed to work great.