More focus on todos and productivity features

Hi! I just found Agenda. I think I read about the pre-order somewhere and the app just unlocked so I had a bit of time to play around.

I just wanted to say that I think the app is fantastic. It’s a really refreshing new concept on notes combined with todos and, almost like a little productivity suite.

I was a heavy user of OmniFocus/Things, but recently switched to a paper journal for all of my planning, and Agenda feels very very similar to that: A freeform notes editor, combined with planning. Almost like you would merge Taskpaper with bear and OmniFocus, but a little neater.

I am still in the early poking-around phase and noticed a few things other people mentioned, like quick jump to different notes, never having to use a mouse, a view to only focus on one note and hide the rest, quick add from anywhere and so on, but what I would love to see is a bit more focused on the todo aspects.
For example: If I pin a note to “Today”, I would love to see all the todos / checklist items that are still not done (maybe also including previous days?)
Simiilar, a way to clean up notes that are marked as complete. Either hide them with a filter, or an archiving option.

I’m going to play around more with it but so far, amazing job on the app!

(Just please don’t go the monthly subscription route. Rather charge for pro features similar to how OmniFocus is doing it. I am a big fan of the licensing model you described in the upgrade dialog, with “all features coming in the next 12 months, but permanent”. Very similar to how JetBrains are doing things!)


This was exactly the goal we had in mind, glad you like the app so much!

A lot of the ideas you mention echo with our own, we have some cool ideas in that direction, stay tuned!

Regarding, the model we introduced, so far people have responded super positive about it, so we’re happy and don’t see a reason to change things, it’s here to stay.

I fully agree with Mr. Glove. I’ve been using Agenda for a week now and truly enjoying it. However, I’ve just realized that there’s no way to dismiss completed notes. In the end, this drove me away from using Evernote.
I would also agree with something someone else said regarding tasks management versus notes in general. I want to second that point. You’ve definitely hit on winning combination with your Notes model, but if people are going to use it for project management, you have to be able to manage tasks independently in some regards. This is a core issue, not simply a request for additional features.

Have you considered giving Projects their own tabs to help distinguish the types of notes a user enters. For example, the first two tabs could be Notes and Tasks. This would open up a new level of organization within the Project area of the Agenda window. I would personally be able to distinguish tasks, calls, notes and contacts. That is sort of basic Project Management 101. You would not lose the continuity of seeing all your notes chronologically in the Notes window, but you give yourself some room to display Tasks differently from Notes.

Thanks for your comments and suggestions. We’d like to keep things as simple as possible so not sure if adding more tabs and filters is something we’d want. Having some way to archive or hide completed notes could make sense though, we’ll have to think a bit more on how this would work in a way that it doesn’t add another layer of complexity.

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I just have a ‘Past Weeks’ project within my ‘To Do’ category that I send completed todo lists to as my todo lists are attached to a note+event spanning 5 days in my calendar. This works well and is handy and satisfying to scroll back through. It’s just a right-click > Move To. Same functionality as you’re after, but already exists.

Thank you — that’s a clever idea. I’m a new Agenda user of just a few weeks, and now find my projects cluttered with completed tasks and notes which are no longer relevant. Now I know what to do with them…



I like this idea - but by moving to another project/category, wouldn’t you lose the context of the task’s origin? I would much rather the completed task be moved to the bottom of the project or note, or automatically hidden.

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