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Inspired by @nickh’s Alfred keyword for opening a note I’ve expanded on the idea little with an Alfred workflow which adds three keywords for things I find useful:

  • ag [some text] appends [some text] to note ‘Inbox’ in project ‘Inbox’
  • agp [optional header] appends [optional header] as n H if it’s present then pastes the clipboard contents to ‘Inbox’
  • agt [text] appends a checkbox item to ‘Note’

The workflow can be found at

Double click the downloaded file and it will self install.

Thoughts, ideas, praise … all welcome.



Thanks for sharing!

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I’m interested in this, but when I go to

I get an error page from your site that says " Oops! That page can’t be found.”

Oh - I thought I’d posted this ages ago, & only just discovered it sitting patiently on my phone because I’d not hit Send! Sorry about that - original comment is as follows…

Clicked on the link & got to the site (love the title, btw! 😂), but got an error message saying that the page couldn’t be found. Would you like to check it, please? I’d be very interested to see the workflow 😊

My bad:


Sorry for the inconvenience.

I cannot open it either….

Did you try the new link? It’s working here.

It’s a .zip file - you may need to copy the link & paste it to your browser before you can download it :blush:

No it’s not, it’s a .alfredworkflow file, as you can see from the link. From Safari simply clicking the link downloads just fine for me.

Thank you Zoe!

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After I downloaded it ask me to open it with a specific app that I don’t have… is Alfred this app?

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Yes, you need Alfred installed

Okay! Thanks!

Hi - I love this workflow, but is it broken now? With the latest Agenda update, the workflow doesn’t seem to add anything to my notes anymore… :frowning:

Yes, the create-note URL scheme (and possibly many of the older ones) seems to be broken since 9.1 beta. I’m sure they will fix it soon!


Thanks for reporting, indeed fixed in the final 9.1 update that is now out. One kind request, if you experience issues while being on a beta version, please use the dedicated section in the community to discuss/ask/report as it doesn’t affect the majority of users that only use the public versions.

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is this workflow still available? I would like to use it?