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Inspired by @nickh’s Alfred keyword for opening a note I’ve expanded on the idea little with an Alfred workflow which adds three keywords for things I find useful:

  • ag [some text] appends [some text] to note ‘Inbox’ in project ‘Inbox’
  • agp [optional header] appends [optional header] as n H if it’s present then pastes the clipboard contents to ‘Inbox’
  • agt [text] appends a checkbox item to ‘Note’

The workflow can be found at

Double click the downloaded file and it will self install.

Thoughts, ideas, praise … all welcome.



Thanks for sharing!

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I’m interested in this, but when I go to

I get an error page from your site that says " Oops! That page can’t be found.”

Oh - I thought I’d posted this ages ago, & only just discovered it sitting patiently on my phone because I’d not hit Send! Sorry about that - original comment is as follows…

Clicked on the link & got to the site (love the title, btw! 😂), but got an error message saying that the page couldn’t be found. Would you like to check it, please? I’d be very interested to see the workflow 😊

My bad:


Sorry for the inconvenience.

I cannot open it either….

Did you try the new link? It’s working here.

It’s a .zip file - you may need to copy the link & paste it to your browser before you can download it :blush:

No it’s not, it’s a .alfredworkflow file, as you can see from the link. From Safari simply clicking the link downloads just fine for me.

Thank you Zoe!

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After I downloaded it ask me to open it with a specific app that I don’t have… is Alfred this app?

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Yes, you need Alfred installed

Okay! Thanks!