More advanced date search - No Date, Past, Future

I’d like to be able to search for notes with no date, notes in the past, and notes in the future.

If my agenda contains all the things I need to do, these searches would let me see:

  • Things I have to do but haven’t scheduled.
  • Things that are past due.
  • Things that I have coming up.

We’ll do our best to add more options down the line, note that you can already do a search based on date presets (next month, past month) and save those as overviews (premium feature) that auto-update.

Just to clarify some confusion I had:

As far as I can work out the ‘presets’ which appear in the calendar pop up next to the search bar only relate to the date of the note. They can’t be linked to #due dates.

OP seems to be referring to tasks which would presumably be given #due dates.

I spent ages using the calender pop up and then puzzling why notes with #due dates didn’t show!

Feature request: ability to use a calendar pop up to search due dates - remembering syntax is a pain!