Mojave display bug

I got a serious broken display when I updated my osx to mojave. It’s a bug? Please fix it as soon as possible since it makes Agenda hard to use (hard to click the left cycle)

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I’m seeing the exact same visual bug in macOS Mojave.

FWIW I just reverted back to macOS High Sierra mainly so I could use Agenda. Wanted to report the bug so you guys can be aware of it as you approach compatibility over the Summer. All that being said, this suite of apps for macOS and iOS are amazing. Congrats on winning the WWDC 2018 Design Award. Well deserved.


Update: This seems a true bug in 10.14 Mojave, we’ve reported it to Apple but have also found a fix that should work around the issue in the mean time. It should be part of the next Mac update due out soon.

Seems to be fixed in beta 2 of Mojave. Not seeing this issue anymore after installing Beta 2 today.

Great to hear, thanks for letting us know!

i was going to say the same thing… Seems like it’s all fixed.

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YES! It is fixed.

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